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Teachers Performance Spotlight

Oneboh Faith Ogbeta, a young primary 6 teacher of Odeije school, Eme-Ora, Owan West LGA, employed January 2008.

On the first day of resumption, she plans to clean up her classroom, prepare the chalkboard,that is, to appropriately draw the character board,multiplication chart and strive point table. She will make her pupils sing cheer’s, practice classroom procedure’s and also engage them with learning activities by revising what she taught last term.

Teacher Oneboh, has passion for teaching. As a committed teacher, she is concerned with the development of her pupils. She has been able to inspire and mentor pupils with her rare personality of been smart, funny and lovely.

She believes in making sure her pupils understands whatever she teaches and this can be achieved by assisting them with areas of difficulties after school hours.

Thank you, Teacher Oneboh.

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