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Obaseki to Speak on Learning Poverty with Global Leaders, as Edo State Reenacts Basic Education

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Under the framework of the UN General Assembly Governor Godwin Obaseki will be on a panel with several global education leaders to discuss the issue of Learning Poverty. In developing countries mostly in Africa, the percentage of pupils in school and not learning is high! Learning does not take place simply because a child is in school, the teacher is In class and the school facilities are ideal. In Edo, we are trying to change this tide and ensure that our pupils are in school and learning.

His Excellency will talk about the Edo BEST reform initiative and how through the five pillars of

(1) Systems Strengthening

(2) Teacher Professional Development and Quality Assurance

(3) Learning Outcomes and Curriculum

(4) Community Engagement and Private Partnership and (5) School Infrastructure.

Edo State is re-enacting basic education.

#EdoBEST #EdoSUBEB — with Joan Oviawe and 2 others.

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