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Obaseki Approves Change in Nomenclature for Edo State Primary School Teachers …Restores Teachers Special Allowance (TSA) for Senior Level Teachers.

Governor Obaseki has approved the request by the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) to change the nomenclature of primary school teachers in the state to better reflect their teaching qualifications and scheme of service. Currently, teachers in grade level 15 and above bear the designation “Assistant Director,” “Deputy Director,” or “Director” as the case may be and loose their Teachers Special Allowance (TSA) when they get to SGL 15 and above while same does not apply to their counterparts in secondary school.

The approved nomenclature includes “Headmaster Special Grade III,” “Headmaster Special Grade II,” and “Headmaster Special Grade I.”

According to the Chairman of SUBEB, Dr. Joan Osa Oviawe, “we are buoyed by His Excellency Gov. Obaseki’s commitment to improving the teaching cadre. He is matching rhetoric with action. Government remains committed to restoring the lost dignity and prestige of the teaching profession. We will continue to provide an enabling work environment for our teachers, work with them to address concerns they may have, reward excellence and entrench accountability. Edo SUBEB is begining to see the positive impacts of the Edo BEST reform initiative and we remain committed to building a strong symbiotic relationship between government, curriculum, classroom and community.”

Gov. Obaseki was recently named the Best Governor in the country by the Nigerian Union of Teachers and will be receiving his award on International Teacher’s Day in Abuja.

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