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Functions of the State Universal Basic Education Board

According to the Law, particularly at Part II, Section II, the following were specifically identified as the functions of the SUBEB:

  • Ensuring the effective management of primary schools and the junior secondary schools through their respective organs;
  • Inquiring into and advise the State Government on the funding and orderly development of Basic Education in the State;
  • Advising the Universal Basic Education Commission on possible intervention by the Commission in the provision of adequate basic facilities which shall include the use of basic national curricula and syllabi and other necessary instructional materials in use in early childhood care development centres, primary and junior secondary school in the State;
  • Carrying out, from time to time, a personnel audit of teaching and non-teaching staff of all junior secondary schools and primary schools in concert with the Post Primary Education Board and the Local Education Authorities;
  • Presenting periodic progress report on the implementation of the Universal Basic Education Programmes in the State to the Governor through the Ministry of Basic Education;
  • Supporting national capacity building for teachers and managers of Basic Education in the State;
  • Undertaking new Capital Projects after due consultation with the Ministry of (Basic) Education;
  • Receiving grants from the Universal Basic Education Commission of the Federal Government in accordance with an approved formula as may be laid down by the Board of the Commission and as approved by the Federal Executive Council;
  • Recruiting, promoting and disciplining of teaching and non-teaching staff on Grade Level 07 and above in the State Universal Basic Education Programme;
  • Posting and deploying of staff including interstate transfer;
  • Responsibility for the approval, training and retraining of teaching and non-teaching staff;
  • Assessment and funding of salaries and allowances of teaching and non-teaching staff based on the existing salaries structure in the State;
  • Ensuring that Annual Reports are rendered by Heads of Schools on teachers appointed to serve under them;
  • Preparing testimonials and certificates of service for teaching and non-teaching staff whenever necessary;
  • Dealing with leave matters including annual vacation;
  • Ensuring annual auditing of accounts;
  • Carrying out disbursement of fund between the junior secondary schools and the primary schools in accordance with the guidelines as approved by the Ministry of Basic Education and in a manner that will reflect the derivation of the fund through their respective organs;
  • Harmonizing and updating relevant data from the Primary and Junior Secondary Schools organs of the Universal Basic Education Board in order to ensure equitable distribution of funds.

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    I really love what governor obasike is doing in Edo state. Improving the educational sector is the only way to impact on our teaming population

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