Education reforms: Public Schools in Edo wear exciting new look

With the ongoing renovation in not less than 230 public primary schools across Edo State, more public schools in the state now wear a new look with bright colours as exciting graphics now dot classrooms rivalling the learning environment in private schools.

Visits to some of the schools in Benin City show that the renovation work has reached an advanced stage, with the addition of a playful, colourful classroom setting, including exciting graphics to stimulate learning in children and complement the digital teaching methods used in the schools. It was observed that pupils are now seeing learning as fun and enrolment is projected to increase as a result of the now more exciting learning environment.

Speaking on the development, Special Adviser to Edo State Governor on Basic Education and Executive Chairman, Edo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Dr Joan Osa Oviawe, said the renovation of schools across the state is part of the Governor Godwin Obaseki’s Edo State Basic Education Sector Transformation (Edo-BEST) Initiative.

She noted that the renovation work is being carried out to improve the learning environment in the schools to complement the training of teachers on modern teaching methods which has now empowered teachers to deploy digital devices in improving learning outcomes.

The renovation work, according to Osa Oviawe, is being done to also make learning exciting for children, adding that the playgrounds in the schools being renovated have provided an opportunity for pupils to broaden their scope of learning.

She said the playgrounds and exciting aesthetics in public schools have made more children interested in learning, as schools are set to record increased enrolment.

A parent, Mrs Igbinoba Osawaru, applauded the state government for embarking on the reforms and for ensuring that they get the best from public schools in the state. She applauded Edo State Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki for insisting on funding public education and ensuring that all was in place to provide a seamless learning experience for children in public schools.

She said the School-Based Management Committee (SBMC) has also ensured that standards are maintained and that host communities are carried along in ensuring that children get the best at school.

Recall that as part of the ongoing renovation of public primary schools, the state government ordered for 25,000 seats for pupils, which are being made locally in the state with some being constructed at the Benin Technical College, and others from the Edo Production Center in Benin City.

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