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Policy trusts

Policy Trust

Given these challenges, policies in the education sector will focus on:

  • Providing quality and sufficient infrastructure in schools especially at the basic school level;
  • Providing required infrastructure for the establishment of education management Information System (EMIS) and access to ICT;
  • Advocating for increased budget allocation to fund education, improving the budget trenching/monitoring process and involvement of stakeholders including development partners, NGOs, philanthropic individuals and organizations (financial institutions, religious bodies) etc;
  • Making educational planning, management and administration more effective as well as enhance operational efficiency;
  • Improving access to Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) education, primary and junior secondary education;
  • Enhancing competence and performance of teachers, education managers and other education personnel through quality pre-service training, continuous development programmes and motivation;
  • Recruitment of better skilled science and technology oriented and knowledgeable personnel for the different areas, especially for rural schools and special needs children.