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EdoBEST@Home reinvigorated to keep pupils learning

Edo State Universal Basic Education Board (Edo SUBEB) has reinvigorated EdoBEST@Home to provide proprietary, mind-stimulating lessons to pupils during the holiday.
A flagship online learning initiative of EdoBEST, EdoBEST@Home is geared at encouraging learning beyond physical classrooms.
It is important that a healthy balance exists between study and recreation to ensure that cognitive development continues as children are at home for the holiday that is why EdoBEST@Home has been reinvigorated.
Participating pupils will have the opportunity to meet their teachers in Whatsapp classrooms daily. Pupils will receive lessons on the platform, submit assignments and have their work reviewed and corrected.
Parents are to help their children join the classrooms by clicking on links sent to them by Edo SUBEB and permit their children to use their smartphones to access classes. Educational materials are also available on the Edo SUBEB website for free download and use.