EdoBEST @3 The Legacy Continues!

Basic Education is at the core of education as well as the interaction with knowledge. Potentially spurring economic growth, promoting political stability and improving the well-being of a nation, EdoBEST was created therefore, to standardize and strengthen Basic Education in Edo State to


Enhance the quality of Basic Education provision, anchored on new technologies and the developmental objectives of Edo State and Nigeria 


Ensure all children of basic school age in Edo State are enrolled in school, actively participating and achieving set learning benchmarks and outcomes. Ensure that teachers are properly trained, the teaching corps is professionalized, and the Quality Assurance is effective


Foster active involvement of community and other non-state actors. Systemize the construction, renovation of schools to further aid pupils comfort and protection.


Revamp basic education management and delivery to make Edo State children highly knowledgeable, competent, skillful, morally sound and globally competitive


JUNE 28TH, 2021