Week-3: Primary-6 Edo BEST e-Lesson 1-5

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3 thoughts on “Week-3: Primary-6 Edo BEST e-Lesson 1-5”

  1. Isola Theophilus Adebanjo

    This is a good idea. It’s a great development and I am of he opinion that it doesn’t end with coronavirus disappearance. This kind of online study activities should continue.

    However, the quality of Mathematics for the Pry 6 pupil is substandard. Upgrade is necessary so that our children can compete outside there.

    One more thing, and I think it’s possible. Our children should be allowed to write their exams by themselves. I mean the Common Entrance Exams. I believe this is the reason why all these efforts are put in place. This would not have been necessary if during exams they will be dictating answers to the children.

    Better still, if the coordinated exams malpractice must continue, pupils who want to write their exams by themselves should be afforded the privilege without depriving them of time to do so.

    I will be back to report whatever happens during my child’s Common Entrance Exams.

    Thanks for your understanding and your reply will be appreciated.

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